Portrait of Nina Blanc


NINA BAI is an artist, creator, choreographer, instructor, videographer, lover, dreamer, believer, friend, sister, registered nurse, psychotherapist, videographer and supporter of inspiring the world to genuinely smile more often. 
Nina hosts dance classes, training programs & events, bringing beautiful souls together to celebrate this blessing we call life.
Her passion for musical arts was predicted growing up with a grandfather in, who mastered several instruments as a music teacher & mother, a choir director.

Nina trains with local & international instructors & teaches participants of all level experience in various settings including: schools, professional studios, video shoots, corporate events, wedding parties, gym fitness classes and so much more. 

Finding therapeutic value in Dance Movement for 16+ years, Nina strives unite and empower women to live healthier through dance.
This motivates and propels her forward to influence culture and industry positively. 


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