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Grateful for every single student that has ever dropped into our classes or programs!

Always excited to meet you new students too! - Nina Bai 


"Afro is something I always wanted to learn

for thepast year and was super intimidated

by Beg/Open lvl classes where everyone

seemed to know it all so well. I walked away

with so much even on the first week - freestyling

with vocab in a genre I’ve never danced before, especially being put on the spot to freestyle in

front of others, which always made me nervous. 

Thank you for spreading support & positive vibes throughout class to remind us about the

fun of dance."- Brittany Z


"One of the best decisions I made this summer

is joining Nina’s FireUpDance Program"

- Clara T


"Nina has given women a place to belong, grow,

build friendships & connections.​ It’s been almost

2 years since I started my dance journey & there

has been a lot of ups & downs, even days I really

felt like just quitting. What I’m most thankful for is

the growth along the way & the amazing instructors

& mentors I’ve had the privilege to learn from and

dance with. As a participant of the #AfroSpiceDance Programs, I can’t begin to explain how grateful

I am to have met Nina, such an amazing person

who cares about her students, it’s unreal"       

- Neisha C


"One of the best classes I’ve ever had,

Nina does not mess around, her program

is amazing." - Coral O


"Seen a totally different side of me as a

dancer thanks to Nina.

Legit still can’t believe it is me only

5 classes later" -Erica F


"Next week, I am so lucky to be involved in

another FireUpDance Program by Nina. Dancing

wakes up a whole other dimension of my being.

New friends, more sparkle & endless

opportunities to learn & grow.

This feeling is the REAL deal."​-Sally S


"Week 4 of our #AfroSpiceDance Program & I’ve seen & felt a lot of improvement. 

Thank you Nina, for the great energy you create in class. You are hot fire flames & so are your routines Nina is amazing & I highly recommend taking classes / workshops / programs

with her. The growth from my 1st to Last class is INSANE." - Zviko M


"Beyond thankful for the woman that is Nina.

She has given me so much more than just a safe space to dance & practice. She has also give me confidence & positive energy but most of all; she has blessed me with the gift of family. My heart is so full & humbled to be surrounded by such amazing women. There is not enough words to express my gratitude & love for the FireUpDancers ! ​-Kimberly E


"The Summer 2018 MVP award

goes to Nina. We recognise her

expressiveness as a dancer,

depth of knowledge

as an educator compassion

as a community builder"

-Xtracurricula Dance Crew-

Ola O & Annabelle N

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